Technologies That are Changing Social Media for the Better

Technologies That are Changing Social Media for the Better
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Technologies That are Changing Social Media for the Better

Technology has penetrated almost every part of our personal lives, and one of the greatest beneficiaries of its influence is social media. Social media marketing is evolving at a quicker rate than anyone can keep up with. Just ask every social media marketer — it is time to move on to the next one each time they perfect a social strategy.

Here are a few technological advances that have changed social media for better:

1. AI Targeted Marketing

There was no technology twice as effective in evolving social media as artificial intelligence has. The app has a personalized algorithm, due to AI technology, which helps bring content they think their customers can love most. It is for this reason that you do not always see stories or posts of all the brands that you follow.

It is prevalent in social media marketing too. Now you can curate an ad for your particular demographic and pay to let the ad hit only the users who are more likely to partake in it. You won’t spend time and money struggling to get it out to everybody because you don’t have to.

AI also plays a part in marketing automation, enhancing the way you can optimize your interaction with bots and data collection platforms and gain useful feedback to improve the strategy. In short, AI is integral to making your marketing campaigns more effective and to reduce the amount of time you are required to spend on each network.

2. Influencer Marketing

Another aspect of personalized marketing deriving from the wonders of technologies is influencer marketing. It is seen as one of the most successful social media tactics, particularly on Instagram. It helps you to connect to hundreds of thousands (or more) of followers without rising to that level.

3. Privacy and Security Features

Social networking may be identified as the preferred target of a hacker since access to an account, and private information is too easy to obtain. More than 600 Facebook accounts are believed to be hacked each day. Hackers use techniques such as Facebook spam, phishing, link-jacking, and life-jacking to hack your account and know your personal information’s.

It has, of course, raised the awareness of the general population regarding privacy and security. Internet businesses emphasize customer identity protections with technology such as multi-factor authentication to prevent such tech-driven attacks.

4. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has also played a great part in evolving social media’s potential. We now have substantial interaction in AR technologies, such as filters and lenses for business images and immersive devices. Even you can transform into a 3D bitmoji and share it with your friends. Some businesses use this technology to communicate with their customers and keep them engaged.

5. Communication Mediums

If you asked the average consumer twenty years ago what their popular way of communication was, most would say the in-person interactions. The second-place approach would most likely be a phone call, and next would be email and other text exchanges. Now that contact on social media is so simple, and there has been a complete transition. Most people say their current favorite form is communicating over social media.

Social media has taken interaction to a whole new dimension, introducing a personal aspect to interactions with businesses. It has also provided a new forum for millennials who don’t turn on the television at 6:00 to be aware of current affairs and pandemic situations like COVID-19.

If you are smart marketer, then you should look more carefully at which technologies to opt for. Staying ahead in adapting such technologies is your ticket to handle social media marketing effectively and remain ahead in the game!

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