How Video Marketing Has Become a New Trend

How Video Marketing Has Become a New Trend
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It’s not too hard to see why video marketing is so common these days — for one thing; it’s a simple-to-digest format that gives our eyes a break from the overabundance of online textual content. It explains why the world is currently watching 1 billion hours of social content from YouTube every day.

For those of you who are moving to digital marketing for their business should completely understand the strength of video as a marketing tool. It is not only because they may be interested in producing impressive videos, but also because they will have to learn to integrate video into their content to stay competitive.

Here we have highlighted five main reasons why video is so crucial to your marketing strategy

1. Informing and Educating

97 % of marketers believe videos marketing help clients understand their services and products. For the most part, marketers today no longer follow a form of pitching strategy-the reason. There’s just too much choice out there. Consumers and companies don’t have to be sold to; instead, they do a fast internet search to find the best product in their area or even in the world they’re going to buy.

To this end, marketers in many (maybe not all) fields need to approach consumers with a value-based deal rather than a “sale.” And videos excel in offering customers a very up-close look at a product, service, or even an influencer or instructor.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Search engines prefer videos as they see them as high-quality material, and you can work well with your SEO by using videos in various content styles as well as on your main web pages — as long as the videos are correctly configured. It means the right keywords are added, a good meta summary and a clear title.

3. Staying Competitive

Videos are great to get all sorts of information out there. If we think in stipulations of practicality, a simple, unique video explainer will make a difference in informing people on the ins and outs of your product. Through using storytelling and individual media styles, you can quickly capture and keep people’s attention while they’re entertained.

You may need to use an animated or illustrated interpreter video to stand out from the crowd, depending on how it suits your product (and not come across as too in-your-face).

4. Getting Personal

Do you want to know how stories on Facebook Live or Instagram help your business? If you want a digital marketing strategy or are going in that direction, you’ll need to understand how to make and automate simple videos.

All Instagram Stories and Snapchat are perfect for giving people intimate glimpses or brief, personal glimpses of what you’re up to and they’re so perfect for creative instruments. The difficult thing about these videos is that they’re only up for 24 hours, and more of a real-time feel is generated. It also provides advertisers with the chance to create advertisements that concentrate on time-sensitive promotions.

Ephemeral material is useful in real-time to:

  • Providing a bit of face-to-face contact
  • Build brand credibility
  • Offering quick, informative updates to viewers (for example: behind the scenes)

5. Boosting Conversions

Another reason video is perfect for website conversions is that it keeps users hanging on the site for long enough to look hanging. That is particularly valid for those who aren’t big readers (a good thumb rule is to presume that people’s eyes may be tired of staring at a screen all day). People are expected to be watching a video for about two whole minutes longer if there it is interactive and informative.

Concluding it

Not only is video enjoyable, but it’s also one of the best ways to get close to your target audience and provide them a real peek of what you and your company or your customers do. The aim here is to think beyond benefit and product — teach them more about your ideology, or share some information about an unusual case, or provide some useful info. The more you know about the actual practices of using video marketing, the better you’ll do in staying ahead of your competitors.

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