Here’s How You Can Keep Up with Changing Tech Advancements

Here's How You Can Keep Up With Changing Tech Advancements
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How You Can Keep Up with Changing Tech Advancements

In these modern times, you won’t be able to find any industry, sector, business, or part of modern life that has been left untouched and unchanged by fierce winds of technology advancements in digital marketing. It has restored the ill fate of countless small and medium-sized companies by helping them meet a broader market and sustain long-term customer relationships to increase the sales of their goods and services.

Digital marketing is dynamic and nuanced at the same time as company owners need to come up with new marketing tactics to keep ahead of their rivals now and then. Investing in a marketing campaign that integrates harmoniously with creativity & technology is the most effective way to address such complexities.

With more tech-savvy customers preferring online shopping sites, having a robust online presence is essential for companies and only digital technology is a word that new-age marketers will swear by. Previously it might seem it is a far-fetched idea to introduce digital marketing innovation; now everyone is opting for digital marketing strategies to make their products feel the presence.

Here are some of the technological advancements that you keep up with:

1. Artificial Intelligence

Digital technologies grew at a rapid pace. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront, boasting impressive monitoring and analytics tools that help marketers make better choices, generate more sales, and accelerate customer acquisition. Advances in machine learning (ML) is equally critical for advertisers and marketers alike.

With the potential to evaluate a near-infinite number of data points rapidly and efficiently, marketers are increasingly turning to machine learning to understand better the effect various touchpoints of individual shoppers and even entire audience segments have on the purchaser’s journey.

2. Video Marketing

Ninety-three per cent of marketers landed a new client from digital marketing on social media platforms. So how should marketers, who may feel somewhat threatened by video production, approach video creation?

Firstly, understanding that a full-fledged production crew is a thing of the past is significant. Entering the video marketing room by 2020 can be as easy as producing short, informal videos to highlight the goods of your company. Such videos can then be used on Twitter, Amazon, Facebook and on any other platforms on which you advertise or sell.

Using video display ads, YouTube TrueView video and discovery ads, or TrueView for Google Shopping ads, advertisers wishing to take advantage of digital marketing techniques. All these ad formats enable marketers to promote engaging unobtrusively, story-driven content to their consumers, cultivate brand awareness and create confidence.

3. Multi-Touch Attribution

Today, the world is digitally dominated. Consumers on their social media platforms are continuously bombarded with brands and goods, Internet searches, web sites, TV screens, podcasts, phone apps etc. It is necessary to understand what touchpoint(s) ultimately contribute to conversion for marketers paying to advertise on those specific platforms.

That’s easier said than done.

Although most attribution models can describe what happened next when a consumer first saw or interacted with your brand, this doesn’t tell you.

Marketers that use last-touch attribution believe the last touchpoint in the only impactful one that contributes to the conversion in digital marketing. And while this presumption may play a big part, it disregards the efforts of a multichannel, cross-device strategy.

If your put in the time and energy to coordinate your ads and digital marketing strategies through email, social media, paid search, organic search, and Amazon to create one clear, cohesive experience, don’t lose momentum by pouring your investment directly into what you see at the top or bottom of the funnel.

Closing Thoughts

The digital marketing commerce is one of the fastest-growing markets. It needs patience and creativity to stay competitive and develop profitably. You must be up-to-dates with the ever-changing trends and adapt them in the way that makes the most sense to your brand

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